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RE: [xml-dev] Let's get real on W3C XForms 1.0 (why it stinks, to day)

This has been a good discussion on patents.  However, the subject line
doesn't really suggest that.

I'm somewhat concerned that a W3C WG member asked for help, even help
that would challenge him, and most of the discussion that followed has
been on a tangent.  

While the XForms work has patent issues - and I'd like to hear more
about the issues specific to XForms before investing time in the
specification - most of the discussion hasn't had much to do with that.

Any chance of:
a) Sebastian or someone clarifying the IP story for XForms
b) patent discussion moving to a different subject line
c) Sebastian getting concrete answers on why XForms stinks?

Simon St.Laurent
"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." - Emile Coue