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Re: [xml-dev] Adobe XMP?

Title: Re: [xml-dev] Adobe XMP?
Sorry to be slow answering Tim Bray's question.  We were all at Seybold last
week and catching up this week.

The short story is that Adobe in the process of adding common support for
metadata to all of our applications.  Acrobat 5 was the first to ship, last
week we announced support in Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2.  The metadata is
stored as RDF embedded in the native formats, with XML processing instruction
markers so that you can find it without knowing the file format.  The
general framework specification and an open source implementation are
available to anyone.  We realize that the real value in the metadata will
come from interoperation across multiple software systems.  We're at the
beginning of a long process to provide ubiquitous and useful metadata.

To get a taste of the meat:

  - Go to www.Adobe.com
  - Click on "Partner programs"
  - Click on "Software Development Kits"
  - Look for XMP at the bottom of the large grey box

Alan Lillich
Adobe Systems Incorporated.