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Re: [xml-dev] what's special in XMLNS attribue .?

Remember that the namespace is part of the element and attribute name.
Therefore, what you are really asking is, "How can I rename all elements
and attributes?" This is very different from removing an attribute.
Since DOM node names are readonly, the only way to do this in the DOM is
to traverse the tree and copy each node, giving each node a new
(namespaceless) name in the copy.

An easier way to do this would be to write a simple SAX filter. This
would simply reissue SAX events but leave the namespace out of each new
event. You could also just use an XML editor and delete the xmlns

I'm not sure why you want to remove namespaces, but you should be very
careful in doing so. The reason is that you really are changing the
names of elements and attributes, and any code written to recognize
those names will not work any more.

Finally, you should understand that xmlns attributes are not really
attributes according to the namespaces recommendation. They are
"namespace declarations" that just happen to look like attributes :) If
I recall correctly, the DOM still treats them as attributes and SAX 2
allows you to treat them as attributes or namespace declarations (your

-- Ron

yael efrat wrote:
> thanks;
> how can i implement the  "make all elements and attributes belong to
> no namespace" ?