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Re: [xml-dev] what's special in XMLNS attribue .?

> Remember that the namespace is part of the element and attribute name.
> Therefore, what you are really asking is, "How can I rename all elements
> and attributes?" 

It's not clear to me how removing "xmlns" attributes would
have anything at all to do with renaming.

DOM binds namespace URIs "early" ... which means that the
name isn't going to change no matter what any "xmlns" attributes
say.  Move a DOM node to some other part of the tree, and
the namespace URI doesn't change even if the prefix used in
its node name is bound to a different URI.

Or did someone change DOM to be "late binding" when
I wasn't looking?  I seem to recall DOM adopted that
policy because otherwise (X)HTML nodes and such
would need to dynamically change types (adding lots
of convenience methods, or dropping them), which was
perceived to be not a good idea.

If there's anything in the DOM spec that says "xmlns"
attributes should get special treatment, I surely don't
remember it.  Seems like some DOM implementation
has a conformance bug.

- Dave