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Re: [xml-dev] schema trouble

 From: "Ian Rogers" <ian.rogers@net800.co.uk>
> I have written a schema but i am having trouble loading the schema into the
> xml document
> I have just installed msxml4 but it still does the same thing
> is my problem something to do with the schema location?

The April MSXML 4 preview release does not use the schemaLocation hint.
The new version (due soon) should. (I don't know if the July pre-release's
schemaLocation hint works.) 

To use it, you might be interested in our free GUI-based Windows tool, 
the Topologi Schematron Validator, which lets you drag and drop schemas 
and files. It  requires the earlier pre-release of MSXML. 
Go  http://www.topologi.com/ for details.

Rick Jelliffe