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Re: [xml-dev] Re: CATALOGs versus RDDL

On 06/10/2001 06:44:24 Rick Jelliffe wrote:

>  1) Use any application-specific over-riding catalog (e.g. a cache)
>  2) Use any catalog that comes with document
>  3) Use any document hints (e.g. schema location):
>  4) Use a RDDL document at namespace URI
>  5) Use any resource at the namespace URI (if it is the resource you are
>looking for)
>  6) Use any built-in default catalog
>  7) Report to the user or use some default behaviour

My RDDL documents contain references to the multiple XML Schemas which use the namespace with the URI at which the RDDL document was found.  I think you need to take account of the fact that RDDL documents may reference multiple Schemas, so that an extra process of selection may be required.

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