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Re: [xml-dev] Adam Bosworth on XML and W3C

"Fuchs, Matthew" wrote:
> I think both are relevant - schema is consumed by both carbon and silicon
> agents.  For two markup related examples - ambiguous content models and
> Murata Makoto's work with hedge automata.  There seems to be a human
> (carbon-based agent) predilection for ambiguous content models because they
> can be easier to write, but they can cause problems for the behavior of
> programs (silicon-based agents).  Likewise, Makoto's work is very elegant,
> and implementation may not be so hard (low Kolmogorov complexity), but there
> are cases requiring exponential processing time, which is why I was against
> using them directly in Schema (when I heard "exponential" I thought
> "denial-of-service attack").
> It would be awesome if there were some way to relate the formal complexity
> measures with psychological complexity.  Do you know of any sources?

Uhhh... Again in English, please?  Thanks.

Tom Bradford
The dbXML Project
Open Source Native XML Database