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Re: [Fwd: Re: [xml-dev] storing XML files]

"Soumitra Sengupta, Ph.D." wrote:
> > 3) Native XML databases could encounter serious problems querying
> > unindexed data. This is because they have to search many more nodes
> > to
> > find the data. That is, first they have to determine if a node is
> > the
> > correct node ("Are you a foo element?"), then they have to look at
> > the
> > data for the node ("Is your value 'bar'?"). Relational databases
> > only
> > have to look at a given set of column values.
> >
> Xfinity already solves this problem for any well formed XML document.

How does it do this? Indexing all elements and attributes?

> >> > Is there an existing DTD for SQL or that makes no sense to you?
> >> >
> > These exist, but I don't think anybody actually uses them. This is
> > usually handled internally by the products that transfer data
> > between
> > XML documents and relational databases.
> >
> I believe Oracle and Datachannel do publish something called XPages.

I did a quick check on Google. XPages (from DataChannel) was donated to
Apache. It is now called Xang. A quick description is:

   A Xang application is defined by a single .XAP file that
   aggregates multiple data sources, makes that data URL
   addressable and defines custom methods to access that data.
   These custom methods can be invoked through simple HTTP
   requests, via a Web browser or simple client side API.

Looks interesting, but not quite an SQL DTD. For more info, see

-- Ron