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Re: [xml-dev] storing XML files

Hi Dave:

It may work for your particular application and the types of document you are getting but you will quickly run into problems with recursive elements, mixed content, ID and IDREFs, not to mention a query language and other adjacent standards.  In the gneral case ii would be advisable to use a XML database (IMHO).

Mike has pointed you to couple of open source initiatives that you can look at if you need more ideas.  I have come across at least 2 academic papers dealing with this, one from a Korean lab. and another from a U.S. University.  I will look them up and forward them to you.



In solving this problem I've come up with a base of approximantly 5 tables that are needed.  In order to accomplish this task - each XML document must be able to validate against a Schema (or DTD) and the db must support crosstab/pivot type queries.