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[xml-dev] parsing of xml docs / XPath

Good Morning!

This may be an easy question for many of you but for me it's currently a big problem. :(

Is it possible to ignore the doctype of an XML document in a way that I use a local DTD instead of the DTD that is mentioned in the doctype for parsing (using Xerces 1.4).
I need this to modify an application in such a way that it reads the first XML file and loads the DTD mentioned in the doctype from the server to store it in the cache or on harddisc. All following files should than be validated against the local copy of the DTD (to lower net traffic).

A second problem I currently wrestle with is the usage of XPath in an XML Schema of mine.
Is it possible to make the frequency of the Element <B> dependent on the integer value of Element <A>? Or is there a better way than using XPath for it?

I hope you can provide me some answers.
Have a nice weekend!


Hauke Stammer
Software Entwickler

Competence Center System Integration
Mobilcom Communicationstechnik GmbH
Wollingstraße 10
24782 Buedelsdorf / Germany

Phone: +49-4331-692710
Mail: hauke.stammer@mobilcom.de