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[xml-dev] alphaWorks updates: XML viewer, X-IT, and IBM articles

These three updates just went up on alphaWorks along with a bunch of new
articles and tutorials on developerWorks.

XML Viewer
The XML Viewer addresses the need for viewing XML data from various
perspectives such as the source of the XML, the DTD for the XML, the
hierarchical structure of the XML data.

It is a batch processing application for XML files, which processes them in
an interactive or in a non-interactive mode based on the specified
operation (sorting, validating against a new DTD, deleting some nodes etc).

Xplorer is a Java application that can be used to search XML files,
validate XML files and view the valid XML files in XML viewer.

Extending XSLT: A chapter from Doug Tidwell's book, XSLT
This chapter adapted from the O'Reilly book XSLT shows how to create XSLT
extension functions and extension elements, and it demonstrates how to use
them to generate interactive pie charts, query databases, and build JPEG
graphics from a stylesheet.

Putting XSL transformations to work
This paper introduces the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) and
highlights several real-world business scenarios that benefit from the use
of XSL transformations.

Using XML and XSL for code generation
This article describes an atypical use of XSL stylesheets to create
applications for pervasive devices by transforming an XML document to
source code.

Tip: Using SAXTransformerFactory
In this detailed tip, Benoit Marchal explains how SAXTransformerFactory --
a class that feeds SAX events directly in an XSLT processor -- buys you
greater flexibility when you save XML files. Several reusable Java code
samples demonstrate the techniques, which require TrAX.

XML and compression: Exploring the entropy of documents
This XML Matters column explores several approaches to compressing XML
documents. The special structures in XML allow certain improvements over
the most naive compression techniques. Columnist David Mertz explains some
ways to take advantage of them, and includes sample code to demonstrate the

Web services and XML technologies CD

Creating VoiceXML applications with IBM WebSphere Studio
The Internet is increasingly popular for visual transactions, but many
users prefer or want to conduct these transactions audibly. This article
provides background on voice systems and VoiceXML and walks you through
developing a voice application using the features of IBM WebSphere Studio
Version 3.5.

Digital signatures for SOAP messages
This tutorial explains how to digitally sign and encrypt your SOAP messages
for security.