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Re: [xml-dev] Cutting special deals for open source developers -- noway!

David, I want to thank you for that message.

I let it percolate a little, and applied the same reasoning to an
interesting innovation that just came across my plate.


First a few disclaimers:

1. I don't know if this has been done before (it probably has, it's what
purl.org does, right?)

2. I don't know if they have a patent on it.

***The thought process

Now I immediately think -- they should add a cache just like Google's.

That leads to this: Google should buy them.

Then of course comes the certainty that NIH would prevent that.

But Google should buy them anyway. Even if they don't have a patent.

Throw a few bucks to a developer, show the users how they're investing in
good ideas, and encourage other small developers to try out a new idea and
let the public see it. Free market testing. But reward the ones with winning
ideas. That would accelerate progress for Google, who has carved out a nice
position among connoiseurs of the Web. They upgrade the whole Web regularly,
and people love them for that.

I've often wished that platform vendors would recognize the PR value of
fostering innovation among small developers and throwing them a few bucks
every once in a while.

Dave as Don Quixote. But I still believe there's a chance of that.

And I like this system of *voluntary* respect and flowing of cash to small
developers by the Big Ones.

Give it some thought, and decide if this is a more fun and loving way to
build a software industry that protects the little guys.