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[xml-dev] Another reason patents suck

This morning I'm working on a new piece of software.

There's an outline with one headline for each member of a workgroup.

They're all writing stuff all the time, and I can see what they're writing.

(Of course I'm writing too -- and they can see what I write.)

I want to see who's written something since the last time I checked.

So I look for a bold name. That indicates something that's changed since the
last time I looked.

Now why did I think of that? Because I use Outlook Express. That's how they
indicate that a mailbox has changed.

I know a lot of other people use Outlook Express. Their brains, like mine,
are trained to know that "bold" means "not read yet."

Now back in the 1980s, we agreed that consistent user interfaces are good
for users.

A concept, once learned in one product, doesn't have to be re-learned for

It means that you always look for prior art when designing something that
may not be new, or may only be new in the context you're working.

"Only Steal From The Best." It's a hat-tip to the people who came before and
made popular software that influenced the culture of software.

Now, would Microsoft like to stop me from using that little technique?

I would surprised if they would. After all they Only Steal From The Best,
themselves. ;->

Now this is software design as it's done in the real world.