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Re: [xml-dev] [ANN] XInclude implementation for the Microsoft XMLParser using SAX2 API

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 12:21:23PM +0200, xinclude.net wrote:
> For anyone interested in an XInclude implementation for the Microsoft XML
> Parser (developed for personal use), you can find one (including source) at
> http://xinclude.net
> Some of the features are:
> - Low memory overhead through use of the XML SAX2 API
> - Indents inserted documents according to the indentation level of the
> parent document

   Hum, that should really be left as an option, that's not conformant !

> - Supports both parse="xml" and parse="text" methods
> - Supports nested includes
> - Source code available under GPL

  Do you support #xpointer(...) ? I guess no since you limited yourself
to a SAX interface.

  I can't test it since this is tied to a proprietary module I can't use
but this sounds interesting.

  As a reminder, libxml (aka gnome-xml) also implements XInclude
(including XPointer) works on Unices and Windows and is available
in source code under LGPL or W3C IPR (X11 like licence).


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