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[xml-dev] ANN: XML Validator Release 0.14

London, October 15 2001

ElCel Technology today announced release 0.14 of their XML command-line
tools: the XML Validator and Canonical XML Processor.

These popular tools are built using the ElCel Technology C++ XML Toolkit.
The utilities are provided free of charge, with binaries available for
SunSPARC Solaris, Windows and Linux platforms.  They can be obtained from
the ElCel Technology web site: http://www.elcel.com/products/

Release 0.14 adds a number of features:
- native language error and informational messages
- Sun SPARC Solaris binaries
- enhanced networking: basic HTTP authentication and FTP URLs
- Full Unicode character range under Windows (Linux builds already had this
- Minor bug fixes.

Each release goes through an exhaustive regression test suite which,
together with the OASIS conformance tests [1], comprises nearly 2100 test

Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology