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Re: [xml-dev] [ANN] XInclude implementation for the Microsoft XMLParser using SAX2 API

On Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 10:25:48AM +0200, xinclude.net wrote:

> > > - Indents inserted documents according to the indentation level of the
> > > parent document
> >
> >    Hum, that should really be left as an option, that's not conformant !
> >
> Suppose you're right, but then again it is quite nice if you want to view
> the result in a plain text editor. :-)  Is easy to make optionable though.
   well reindenting a document is just one more optional pass in the
processing pipeline. IMHO better kept this way (and people disagree on
ways to indent, like people disagree about what's the best text editor ;-)

> >   Do you support #xpointer(...) ? I guess no since you limited yourself
> > to a SAX interface.
> No, it doesn't because I don't need it thus far. A partial implementation
> wouldn't be too hard (absolute and some relative paths, no predicates, etc.)
> so that may make it in in the near future. However, unless there is some
> nice piece of C++ code out there that implements xpointer on top of SAX2
> that would be easy to "plug in", it will probably never become fully
> compliant (but you never know...)

   okay, interesting feedback, 

     thanks !


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