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[xml-dev] PSVI using existing infoset items


I have already tried to submit the idea a couple of times, but it 
doesn't seem to get any echo... I'd like to give it a last chance and 
after this, I promiss to stop pestering you!

Refactoring all the existing APIs (SAX, DOM and co) to support each new 
feature or layer seems to be an awfull lot of work.

We've gone through it for the namespaces and we seem ready to go through 
it again for W3C XML Schema!

There seems to be another easier option, though!

Why not add the additional information as elements and attributes from a 
specific namespace?

For instance, to express that element "foo" has a datatype "bar", why 
couldn't we use an attribute such as psvi:type="bar"?

There are obvious problems (such as defining the type of an attribute), 
but I don't think any of these are really blocking (XML is flexible 
enough to describe almost everything)...

There are many obvious advantages (the PSVI would be "visible" in plain 
text and more concrete, a PSVI could be generated not only by schema 
processors but also by XSLT transformation, it could be used to qualify 
XPath expressions without updating XPath, ...).

Isn't it worth considering?


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