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re: [xml-dev] interleave algorithm?


Relax NG is not yet finished deciding what restrictions interleave will have, so you are not alone in trying to figure out how to write algolrithms for interleave. However, it shouldn't be long before the TC has made their final decisions on interleave and once decided, you can examine the source code of several implementations of Relax NG for some helpful ideas.

Source for James Clark's Jing implementation of Relax NG is at http://thaiopensource.com/relaxng/jing-src.zip.

Kawaguchi-san's Sun MSV implementation of Relax NG (etc!) is at http://www.sun.com/software/xml/developers/multischema/ (the download contains source code).

You may want to follow the action on interleave and other issues at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/relax-ng/ as the TC completes there work.


Mike (who does not speak in behalf of the TC)