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RE: [xml-dev] More patent funnies!

No.  They fight it out in court until someone wins, 
surrenders, drops from exhaustion, or settles out of court.

See Bleak House.

But if I had a patent like that, I'd take out a lot 
of life insurance just in case. ;-)


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From: Champion, Mike [mailto:Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com]

Isn't that why God (or maybe it was Satan) created contingency fees?
I presume that there are plenty of lawyers willing to invest a few million $
order to make a few billion $?

Or, just maybe, this is one of those situations where the lawyers and
politicians and patent examiners stare into the Abyss and the Abyss stares
back ... and they trudge back to Washington to figure out a better way to
handle software patents.