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RE: [xml-dev] More patent funnies!

The usual way.  Withhold resources, force the holder 
to expend resources, and use influence to alter the 
business perceptions of the holder and the holder's assets.  
Do this until they are defenseless then acquire their 

War is not that difficult to understand.  Deprive the 
opponent of ways and means while acquiring control of those 
assets you do not already possess or cannot make valueless.


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From: Dan Mabbutt [mailto:Seigfried@msn.com]

Please explain:

"... one behavior of corporations and communties 
in reaction to such a broad patent with considerable financial 
repercussions is to financially hold the owner's head under 
water until they quit kicking.  This is the problem of having 
a very valuable patent and insufficient resources to defend it."

How do they do that? And without metaphors please.