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Re: [xml-dev] More patent funnies!

> It the patent is as detailed and accurate as the article
> appears to indicate, this guy could conceivably become a
> very wealthy guy.  Given what we knew was coming in the
> late eighties with regards to hypermedia systems, markup,
> and enterprise systems, it is conceivable he did conceptualize
> the details as well as the broad outlines.

But wait... isn't there a wealth of prior art? I don't understand the claim.
So he made a system that connects through TCP/IP and returns the results of
a software service on the Internet (web). Uh, I thought that was what
browsers did (e.g. Mosaic). That's also what credit companies have done for
years and years. I'm just a young pup-- you all start talking about patents
and lawyers and I head for the skatepark... this one doesn't make sense
though. And isn't his operating system patent just like WIMP (was that what
it was called?) that let's you run windows apps on Linux? or at best JAVA?
Write Once Run Anywhere?

Did I miss the joke? I was laughing when I read it.... <g/>

Jeff Rafter
Defined Systems
XML Development and Developer Web Hosting