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Re: [xml-dev] PSVI using existing infoset items


Richard Tobin wrote:

>>I had a closer look and it's quite different from what I was thinking of.
> Yes, it is, but you might find it useful anyway, in that you could
> write a stylesheet to get from our serialization to what you want.
> Remember, once you have the information you want in XML it's just a
> matter of XSLT...

I have said "different", not "useless" :) !!!

I find it very useful and think it should be given more visibility and 
maybe even become normative at some point.

For the first time, I "see" a concrete PSVI. I find this very helpful to 
understand it and I hope you will develop your idea of including the 
PSVI contributions for ID/IDREF/IDREFS and unique/key/keyref as well 
which might give an answer to another thread raised on the xsl-list.

Now, if the objective is to have a lightweight language which minimizes 
the changes on the source document and tries to be as independent as 
possible from the schema language, it might be used as a starting point 
of a XSLT transformation as you mentioned but isn't a good candidate as 
a "final" step!



> -- Richard

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