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Re: [xml-dev] XML for Video, Pizza Shops & TakeOut

> > But what I'd really want is the nearest NON-CHAIN store.
> > Products funneling me exclusively to BigCo products are not
> > in the interest of this consumer (or, arguably, most of them). 
> So, how about a web service front end to http://yp.yahoo.com ?

You mean that's not a "web service" already?

> At least then you get all the coffee shops, not just Starbucks.

Actually I just did the experiment, and it listed two Starbucks
while totally ignoring five non-chain shops that come quickly to
mind (out of dozens in the area).  And there's no way for me to
tell Yahoo about any of them, correcting their major omission.

Another nit:  Yahoo maps always assume that I want to
drive, buy gasoline, pollute, and park ... rather than use
Caltrain, Muni, BART, or any of the other more globally
cost-effective transport systems.  Can we get a bit less
of the cross-subsidies?

- Dave