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RE: [xml-dev] XML for Video, Pizza Shops & TakeOut

That is why you could use the context-dependencies 
effectively.  The locality of culture becomes virtual. 
It is the consolidation of the definition of definitions 
that becomes global.  Isn't that why the semantic web 
want ontological services?  Of course, ontological 
entanglement is an issue but it always is.

"In a society characterized by complex and impersonal 
social relationships, there is increasing reliance on 
formal controls of enacted law and supporting correctional 
administration.  The greater share of the urbanite's 
behavior continues to be subject to the mechanisms 
considered above.  But the increasing domination of 
urban culture and industrial technology has created 
large aggregations of persons dependent on one 
another for goods and services with only infrequent 
and transitory contacts with one another.  The individual 
is increasingly exposed to tenuous and impersonal 
relations which tie his interests to a broad social 
scheme without providing opportunities to develop the 
emotional linkages resulting from frequent and enduring 
social interaction. ... Socialization is complicated 
by the dynamism of the society.  Social change can make 
habitual and traditional ways inappropriate for 
gratification of personal wants.  Violations of fundamental 
norms are less visible socially when the population is 
numerous and heterogeneous and interaction between 
offenders and conformists is less direct and continuous."

Elmer Hubert Johnson - 1968

A self-profiling system such as is possible with HumanML 
and the use of such as location/context dependent services 
restores personal choice and personal service while 
enabling the aggregation to continue unimpeded.  The reliance 
on formal controls is an effect of the aggregation into 
locales.  One can live in the real desert or one can 
declare a virtual oasis.


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From: David Brownell [mailto:david-b@pacbell.net]

I'd rather see the pooling be locality-centric than be another
excuse for global consolidation.  If local culture is going to
consolidate, the control should stay in local hands.