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Re: [xml-dev] More patent funnies!

Many thanks for the link!

If this patent is a problem, it is a
a problem for ... Java ;-) Not for

The 'original' article
 http://www.linuxgram.com/article.pl?sid=01/10/02/1754221&section=186 )
says :

"The thing is huge and so rife with implications it makes Charlie look like
a visitor from the future. The average IBM patent - and IBM's patent library
is legendary - runs 20 pages and makes 20 claims. Charlie's runs 144 pages
and details an entire system, not just one particular piece of mojah.
Charlie definitely gets an A+ in thoroughness. "

Yeah, sure. And the Chalie's patent makes ... 11 ( or 2 ;-) claims.
Not even 20. It also explains some basics of OSI model and TCP
and has plenty of ( missing and I think useless ) pictures.

"The thing is huge".

6 of 11 claims talk about 'loading'.

"determining which selected Minor Services and communication primitives are
presently loaded"

And what is 'loading' ?


The various aspects of the present invention can be implemented on a digital
computer running an operating system that supports runtime-loadable software
modules, such as Unix SVR4.2 MP TLP/5 (Unix System Laboratories, a
subsidiary of Novell Corporation). Such a computer may, for example, be a
Gateway 2000 computer having an Intel 486 microprocessor, or any other
hardware compatible with that operating system. Many other operating systems
may alternatively be used, including SunSoft Solaris 2.X, Microsoft Windows
95, Microsoft Windows NT, IBM's AIX, and Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, on any
hardware compatible therewith. See, e.g. Solaris 2.2, SunOS 5.2 Reference
Manual, Section 3, Library Routines (A-M) and (N-Z)(SunSoft Part No.
801-3954-10, Revision A, May 1993)."

And that's it, actually ( then he goes into 'detailes'). He-he.

As usual, as it is with any bad patent, it is not easy to understand what
he is talking about, but I  guess that 'in general' he actually talks
about some kind of 'Corba / RMI implemented with  DLLs'.

'Components on steroids'.

Not bad, actually. But nobody has done it, actually.
I think Sun is the only company going into that direction
with Java ( Applets, RMI, JMS, JNDI - cool stuff ;-).

'In particular' - the patent talks about ... gosh ... make and nmake.

This paper makes a problem to W3C-driven web-services ???

I think that's an example of bad journalizm more than example
of anything else.

I think that the patent was too broad because the guy
had a fuzzy understanding of the resulting architecture.

This document is a thread to *web* -services ???
It has no word 'URL' ( or even URI ;-) in it!

Come on! The original article *is* a joke!


> Here's the link you're looking for: