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RE: [xml-dev] XML Database Decision Tree?

Quantify that some.  My experience with a large database is that 
after it is used for awhile, it is remarkably stable.  The changes 
for the most part tend to be extensions of new tables or a field 
here and there.  Further, the areas where there is a higher rate 
of change is usually encapsulated and more often deals with the 
system tables (the data driven aspects of GUIs for example).  

Given that an XML system may be comprised of multiple schemas, 
it should be reasonable to isolate high rate of change data 
definitions from the stable ones.   So a question then is how 
well does the database handle multiple schemas?  Of course, 
relationships are affected (eg, XLinks) and one has to figure 
an impact there as well.

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From: Leigh Dodds [mailto:ldodds@ingenta.com]

E.g. if your schema is in a constant state of change (and they probably all
over time) or has yet to be finalized/standardised then locking it into a
database structure might be unwise. Or am I off track on that one?