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[xml-dev] Call for speakers closes Nov. 10 (NextWare Spring 2002)

After the demise of XML DevCon's conference producer, it became important to
me to work on a replacement event that would meet or exceed that standard
for content. There wasn't time to put something together for 2001, but
NextWare will run in May 2002. NextWare Spring 2002 is an XML and Web
services event from Penton Media (the producers of Internet World).

Call for Papers (deadline November 2)
NextWare Spring 2002
Baltimore Convention Center
May 20-23, 2002

The call for speakers is open for NextWare Spring 2002. NextWare Spring 2002
is Penton Media's XML and Web services conference. In May 2002, it will run
at the Baltimore Convention Center with Penton's networking services and
connected home conferences.

NextWare Spring 2002 is seeking potential speakers with in-depth knowledge
and impartial perspectives on Web services, integration technologies, the
semantic Web, .NET, wireless technologies, databases, e-business, exchanges,
portals, EAI, m-commerce, Java programming, topic maps, document design,
modeling, transaction processing, middleware, business intelligence, data
warehousing, data mining, Web site development techniques, SQL techniques,
SOAP, WSDL, Web services choreography, and data access.

There will be several tracks of content for developers:
- Core APIs, Specifications, Technologies and Techniques
- eBusiness, Portals, Integration and Applied XML Technologies
- Modeling, Metadata, Query and Database Integration
- Wireless, Voice, Messaging and m-Commerce
- Servers, Distributed Processing and Middleware

You are invited to submit proposals that fit this curriculum or add
pertinent new topics.

Core APIs, Specifications, Technologies and Techniques
Covers web service definition and orchestration, stylesheets and
transformations, XML APIs (DOM, SAX, JDOM) and specifications such as XLink,
XInclude, XPointer, XSLT, XHTML, and Namespaces. We need speakers who
 WSDL, WSFL, XLang, WSUI, SAML, web services publishing and discovery
APIs, JAX APIs, data compression, digital signatures, re-purposing data,
personalization, privacy and security, design patterns, using XML in
multi-browser environments.

eBusiness, Portals, Integration and Applied XML Technologies
Includes business-to-business integration, exchanges,
application-to-application integration, integrating web services with
enterprise applications, and integrating portals and web services. We need
speakers who understand:
 EAI and Web services integration and B2B infrastructure such as ebXML,
UDDI and collaborative partner protocols, registries and repositories, and
vertical industry standards (e.g., RosettaNet, HL7).

Modeling, Metadata, Query, and Database Integration
Includes XML Schema, XML Query, RDF, Topic Maps, schema modeling with UML,
and SQL and XML convergence. We need speakers who understand:
 integrating web services with databases, indexing and extending
databases for XML and Web services, mapping XML documents to databases, Java
data binding, ADO.NET, and RDF and core technologies for building the
semantic web.

Wireless, Voice, Messaging, and m-Commerce
Covers XML and Web services messaging infrastructure, wireless, voice and
m-commerce technologies. We need speakers who understand:
 SOAP, XML Protocol, VoiceXML, ebXML Messaging, XML/RPC, vertical
industry messaging standards, XML and WAP, SyncML, and content delivery
systems for mobile devices.

Servers, Distributed Processing, and Middleware
Covers middleware and server solutions for XML integration and building
robust web services, including Web services frameworks such as WSDE, ONE,
J2EE, and .NET. We need speakers who understand:
 application servers, dynamic XML servers, asynchronous messaging
and queuing middleware, Internet transaction processing (BTP), servlets,
Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages, .NET servers, J2EE-compliant
servers, peer-to-peer service architectures processing, instrumenting Web
services, authentication and authorization, and debugging distributed and
remote services.

We're taking an XML and Web services conference to a large convention
center. There will be plenty of opportunities for cross-fertilization and to
look at other technologies and product showcases. We hope you can

To submit a speaker proposal for NextWare Spring 2002, browse to:

Ken North
Conference Chair