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Re: [xml-dev] PSVI in the instance

Wayne Steele wrote:

>>>4. The structure of the instance document should not be excessively 
>>>by the "decorating" it with these PSVI items. Ideally, All elements and
>>>attributes in the document would be unchanged, with new infoset
>>>contributions added only in the form of "global attributes" (as suggested 
>>>ERH ).
>>I don't think that this is achievable, at least not without compromizing
>> #1.
> I'm not so sure. I think annotations about attributes could be added in the 
> form of co-attributes in a different namespace. In any case, I meant 
> 'attributes only' as a goal, if it's practical.  If it's not practical, 
> we'll have to insert some elements.


> The trickiest part is aliasing qualified attributes as prefix.NCName , and 
> using separate namespaces for qualified and unqualified attributes.

But the dot is allowed in NCNames and this may lead to confusion 
(unlikely but possible)if we have:

<ns1:foo ns2.bar="xxx" ns2:bar="yyy"/>

I think we should be blur enough in the objectives to allow both 
attributes and elements...

This makes me think we need to define the scope of the documents which 
may be decorated or anotated:

0. It should be possible to anotate any document conform to the XML 1.0 
and namespaces in XML 1.0 (even if it doesn't use any namespace). 
Documents which are not conform to these recommendations (for instance a 
XML 1.0 document which would use the colon in a way which is not conform 
  to the namepaces specifications are out of the scope of this project.


> -Wayne Steele

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