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RE: [xml-dev] Browser-based XML Editor?

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> From: John.Brooking@NA.SAPPI.COM [mailto:John.Brooking@NA.SAPPI.COM]
> Sent: Friday, October 19, 2001 1:07 PM
> To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
> Subject: [xml-dev] Browser-based XML Editor?
> I'm looking for a web-enabled XML editor, so that my 
> non-technical users can modify the data through their browser. 
> I'm envisioning some  kind of display
> like you get when you read an XML document into MSIE, but 
> also with editing capabilities, not just read-only. 

A couple of possibilities, perhaps not *exactly* what you had in mind, but
getting there:  First, there's essentially a demo of how to use IE's
XML OCX control at http://architag.com/xmlu/play/editor/  They also have
an "XRay" product, but I believe that is client-side rather than

There's a commercial product WebAccess from Mozquito Technologies, see
http://www.mozquito.com/  It's about $1000/ Euro 1000 ...but there are demos
at http://solutions.mozquito.com/ and I think you can get an evaluation
license for the server-side product. 

Actually, it's pretty easy to "roll your own" HTML forms and have a simple
client-side DOM script that populates the forms from XML on load and stuffs
the forms back into an XML template to be PUT back to a HTTP/WebDAV server
or an XML DBMS that supports HTTP. Or, you could just POST the form data to
a servlet/JSP/ASP/CGI thingie that handles the XML-ization and
form-filling-in.  It's remarkably easy to to useful things XML+HTML+a little
script or XSLT code ... which was the whole POINT of XML that is so easy to
lose track of ... &myusualrant;