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[xml-dev] ANNOUNCE: XML Spy 4.1 Suite now available - adds support forXSL:FO (Formatting Objects) and PDF conversion

Fellow XML developers:

We are pleased to announce the final release of the new XML Spy 4.1 Suite!
Download a FREE evaluation copy today! www.xmlspy.com/download.

The XML Spy 4.1 Suite is a complete out-of-the-box solution for all phases
of Advanced XML Application Development, supporting the entire corporate XML
workflow, beginning with visual data-modeling, through to XML authoring and
editing, storing to XML Repository, and content delivery through XML
transformation!  XML Spy 4.1 Suite consists of three products: XML Spy 4.1
Document Editor, XML Spy 4.1 XSLT Designer, and XML Spy 4.1 Integrated
Development Environment.

The XML Spy 4.1 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) builds on the
success of previous versions by adding new functionality, specifically:

  + Authoring support for the W3C's XSL Formatting Objects (XSL:FO),
    including entry helpers for XSL and FO! View resulting XSL:FO
    Transformations directly on the screen!

  + Built-in support for Apache FOP! Automatically Generate PDF,
    PostScript, PCL, MIF, and many other file types with a

  + Complete support for the W3C's final XML Schema Recommendation,
    including graphical Schema design, schema-based validation, and
    schema conversion tools!

  + Complete ODBC and ADO database access functionality, including
    database schema to XML schema conversions, and advanced import
    & export features for legacy data!

  + Extendable 3rd Party Plug-in architecture for solution providers
    to build custom applications!

  + Customizable user-interface and new Windows XP look-and-feel!

The XML Spy 4.1 XSLT Designer is an innovative new approach to automate
writing of complex XSLT Stylesheets using an intuitive, drag-and-drop user
interface. It also enables the customization of the XML Spy 4.1 Document
Editor by defining an XSLT Stylesheet and additional editing-specific
options based upon the underlying DTD or XML Schema for use during the
content creation or editing process.

The XML Spy 4.1 Document Editor is the easiest word-processor style
free-flow WYSISYG text editor for XML documents, empowering non-technical
people to create and edit XML documents. It supports form-based data input,
graphical elements, presentation and editing of arbitrary repeating XML
elements as tables, real-time validation, and consistency checking using XML
Schema. The Document Editor is available as a stand-alone application,
integrated as a separate view within the XML Spy IDE user-interface (if you
purchase the XML Spy Suite product), and as a Browser Plug-In for Internet
Explorer, which allows for XML content creation anywhere on the Internet!

The XML Spy 4.1 Document Framework consists of the XML Spy 4.1 XSLT Designer
and the XML Spy 4.1 Document Editor, which together form an XSLT & XML
Schema based, enterprise-wide content management solution for creating and
deploying large volumes of XML content in real-world production environments
such as web-publishing, knowledge management or e-commerce.  A live
demonstration of the XML Spy 4.1 Document Framework in action is hosted at
www.nanonull.com (requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0).  The demo consists
of several rich electronic forms based on advanced schema and XSLT, which
were written using the XSLT designer, and are displayed and edited on your
browser using the automatically installed Document Editor browser plug-in.

The XML Spy 4.1 Suite
The XML Spy 4.1 IDE and XML Spy 4.1 Document Framework together comprise the
XML Spy 4.1 Suite, the most comprehensive tool Suite for Advanced XML
Application Development (AXAD)!

For a more detailed 4.0 pricing information and other available product
versions and upgrade options, please visit our online pricelist for XML Spy
4.0 at www.xmlspy.com/order

Come see a demonstration of XML Spy 4.1 Suite this fall and receive a FREE
copy of O'Reilly's Guide to XML Schema (a $12.95 value!, 4,000 copies

XML Spy 2001 Tour Dates:

Microsoft PDC, Oct 22-23, Los Angeles, http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc/
XML Edge, Oct 24-25, Santa Clara, http://www.sys-con.com/xmledge/
XML Asia Pacific, Nov 5-8, Sydney, Australia, http://www.xmlasiapacific.com
Go Local Biz Boston, Nov 15, Boston,
XML On Wall Street, Nov 20, NYC, http://www.xmlonwallstreet.com
XML World, Nov 26-29, San Francisco, http://www.xmlworld.org
XML Conf. & Expo, Dec 11-13, Orlando, http://www.xmlconference.net/xmlusa/

XML Spy 4.1 Authorized Training:

Master the art of all XML Technologies with the help of the easy-to-use XML
Spy 4.1 Suite! XML Spy is proud to announce the first authorized course for
learning XML with XML Spy 4.1. XMLSpyBootCamp! - EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION

Developed by the Richard Hale Shaw Group (www.RichardHaleShawGroup.com --
creators of the XMLBootCamp, UMLBootCamp and other BootCamp-style, training
courses for software developers on COM, ASP, UML and .NET), XMLSpyBootCamp
is a 4-day, hands-on intense immersion in learning XML using XML Spy 4.1.
Starting with XML fundamentals and mark-up, and moving quickly to
style-sheets (XSL and XSLT using the XSLT Designer in XML Spy) and
validation (DTD's and Schemas, plus the XML Spy Schema Editor and IE
plug-in), the course covers both the DOM and the SAX parser, as well as
server-side XML and SOAP. Taught in a rigorous, hands-on fashion by
professionals such as Josh Holmes (who wrote the XML Spy BootCamp course and
who teaches the XMLBootCamp), you'll complete this class knowing exactly how
to utilize the latest features of XML Spy 4.1 for building a variety of
applications using XML. This course will be taught publicly, starting in
late October, 2001, and is available as on-site training as well. For
details see www.XMLSPYBOOTCAMP.com.

Download a FREE Xml Spy evaluation copy TODAY! www.xmlspy.com/download!