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Re: [xml-dev] Text/xml with omitted charset parameter

* Michael Brennan wrote:
>Mentioning UTF-16 in this example is not absurd at all.

It is at least misleading, since it doesn't say,
this case is invalid and won't work. In fact, it
implies the contrary to me.

>And yes, just serving up "text/xml" with no charset parameter is asking for
>interoperability problems. But to be honest, this RFC is widely violated by
>many software packages and products on the market.

>Unfortunately, there is a hell of a lot of software out there that just uses
>"text/xml" with no charset parameter. Apache certainly isn't the only
>offender. So when you want to write software that can accept XML via HTTP or
>within MIME envelopes, you are going to encounter interoperability headaches
>no matter what.

XML only works with 100% standards compliance, xml-dev people will go
and advocate it. Considering the amount of people who complained about
IE accepting invalid characters in XML documents, soon all product
developers and content providers will have their products and content
fixed. IE6 is the first identified offender, someone shall go and blame

Thanks for your clarification.
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