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Re: [xml-dev] Microsoft's deeply cynical appealto"standards compliance"

I'm not sure where the reports originated yesterday that MSN had corrected their
site, but they haven't. Check out
http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1005-200-7667367.html?tag=mn_hd for the latest

I broke down and tried MSN myself this morning, only to get the laughable "Upgrade
Required to View MSN.COM" message. Strangely, there was no link for Linux users to
click for an "upgrade". ;-)

This actually should be more fodder for the court case, because of the statement
that "we have detected that the browser that you are using will not render MSN.com
correctly". This is slander; all they've detected is that the browser is not on
their very limited approved list.

  - Dennis