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Re: [xml-dev] Managing XML dialects - any good processes?

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At 16:18 26-10-2001, Ronald Bourret wrote:
>2) Using DTDs. A tossup. Yes, schema implementations are newer than DTD
>implementations, but schemas provide a number of advantages, most
>prominently data types. The idea of starting with DTDs and moving to
>schemas is probably a good one, especially if people are new to XML,
>since DTDs are much simpler to learn.

I've actually begun using XSDL even in contexts where no schema processing 
is ever going to happen - for documentation.  I have XSLT that generates 
HTML documentation *and* DTDs from the schemas, which makes things a bit 

My XSLT doesn't currently handle all of XSDL; I've only implemented the 
parts I need, and other than a few simple data types, I haven't used parts 
of XSDL that go beyond DTD functionality (with this system, anyway).  But 
it's certainly been useful.

The idea came from a literate schema approach that Alex Milowski was using 
at Lexica, hacking documentation into a pre-xs:annotation version of XSDL.

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