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Re: [xml-dev] IDs without DTD/Schema , Is there a way ?

At 11:16 AM -0700 10/25/01, Tim Bray wrote:

>Yes, and this is one of our really big outstanding serious
>architectural problems.  It's really important for the 
>workings of the web that an address such as 
>have well-defined semantics.  If foo turns out to be XML, 
>this is hopelessly underdefined.  At various times James Clark
>and I have both suggested that we just brutally hijack the 
>attribute name "id" and assert that it is of DTD type ID.
>Other ideas have included using xml:id or having a reserved
>namespace http://w3.org/xmlid or some such; any attribute 
>associated with it is of type ID.
>This one isn't going to go away.  -Tim

Is there any chance we could push XPointer back to working draft one more time to fix this there? It seems to me this doesn't require a change to XML 1.0, but does require one to XPointer. 

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