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Re: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

> >> 1.  use the internal subset to declare IDs.
> Wouldn't this have even deeper implications? 

It shouldn't, for conforming implementations of XML.

>     By this I mean that a 
> validating parser won't validate a document that has no DOCTYPE 
> references (treats it simply as well-formed), but *will* try to validate 
> a document in an all-or-nothing fashion if there is.

The XML spec doesn't say any such thing.  In fact it's quite clearly
possible to validate documents with no <!DOCTYPE ...> declaration
(and get lots of errors).  The conformance section of the XML spec
describes validating parsers, and non-validating parsers, but not this
"sometimes validates" behavior you describe.

You may be confusing the XML standard with what Microsoft does
in some of their implementations.

- Dave

p.s. why is the IETF mime list CC'd?