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Re: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

In article <F4AAF836-CC9F-11D5-BB76-00039356284A@dbxmlgroup.com> you write:

>Wouldn't this have even deeper implications?  By this I mean that a 
>validating parser won't validate a document that has no DOCTYPE 
>references (treats it simply as well-formed), but *will* try to validate 
>a document in an all-or-nothing fashion if there is.

There is no reason for validating parsers to do that.  A document with
no doctype statement is just as invalid as one with a doctype and lots
of missing declarations.  It may well produce more error messages, but
it doesn't need to completely reject it.

In any case, validating parsers are required to have a mode in which
they do not report violations of validity constraints.

-- Richard