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Re: [xml-dev] XML Database Decision Tree?

On Tuesday, October 30, 2001, at 05:21 PM, Champion, Mike wrote:
> If by "efficiently" you mean human time rather than computer time, this 
> can
> be demonstrated by comparing what it takes to load something like the
> Shakespeare plays into various DBs of one flavor or another and 
> performing
> some XPath queries.  With Tamino (the only one I know how to do this in
> offhand) the steps are:
> 1 - load the DTD (or schema) into the Schema editor (tweak content 
> model to
> allow 	variations and evolution and define indexes if you must)
> 2 - Define a DB collection based on that schema  (2 mouse clicks or so)
> 3 - Use a simple HTML form or a loader script to load the XML data into 
> the
> DB
> 4 - Enter the URL of the database + "_xql=" + an XPath expression

You big companies and your silly GUI tools.

I'll follow this up with how it would be done in a dbXML scenario (all 
of these are typed from the shell):

1> dbxmladmin ac -c /db -n newcollection                       # Creates 
2> dbxml addmultiple -c /db/newcollection -f ./                # Adds 
the documents
3> dbxml xpath -c /db/newcollection -q <some xpath>  # Queries the 

 From a user/admin point of view, the process is brain-dead simple.   The 
only other steps you might want to take are to add indexes to the 
collection (best done after a load, just as with RDBSes)

dbxmladmin ai -c /db/newcollection -n index1 -p elementName
dbxmladmin ai -c /db/newcollection -n index2 -p elementName@attrName
dbxmladmin ai -c /db/newcollection -n index3 -p *@attrName
dbxmladmin ai -c /db/newcollection -n index4 -p elementName@*

-- Tom