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Re: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

> However, doesn't this add a requirement to the 
> problem:  IDs must be invariant under transformation. 

oops I hope not. there's an awful lot of stylesheets out there doing
<a id="{generate-id(.)}"/>
and generating ID's on the fly...

>  This helps because when an application 
> designer (eg, the SOAP) 

SOAP's been mentioned a lot in this thread but I don't really see (perhaps
my limited experience of SOAP?) that it is really a problem.

If the main aim is to allow URI fragment ids to reference into an XML
document, does it really matter if you can't reference into a SOAP
document using a URI reference that includes a fragment ID?

It seems to me reasonable that SOAP (or any one else) specifies a
limited subset of XML if that subset is all they need. I can well
believe that any XML document used for SOAP could live without URI
fragment identifiers just as it can live without internal subsets. So I
do not buy the argument that SOAP is a reason not to use internal
subsets. More reasonable is that some document types (MathML, Docbook,
...) have literally hundreds of elements, all taking an ID
attribute. You really don't want to declare hundreds of ID attributes in
the local subset of every document (the WWW-SGML shorthand to declare an
attribute on all elements would come in useful here)


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