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[xml-dev] fyi - XSL Formatting Object Composer, XM,and XMI technologies and articles

Hey all,
The following are some developerWorks and alphaWorks stuff.

IBM XSL Formatting Object Composer
XSL Formatting Objects Composer (XFC) is a typesetting and display engine
that implements a substantial portion of XSL Formatting Objects (FO), which
became a W3C Recommendation on October 15, 2001. XSL FO is an XML language
for typesetting, printing, or displaying any of the world's written

Working XML: Wrapping up XM version 1
Follow along as developer Benoît Marchal adds final features to the first
release of XM, a low-cost, open-source content management solution based on
XSLT. (Columns)

XMI in development
Read how a Danish startup used XMI to create a UML application for
converting rough sketches (in various forms) for use in a visual software
modeling tool. (Articles)

An overview of the Web Services Inspection Language
Find out how the new WS-Inspection specification allows automatic discovery
of Web services without a UDDI registry.