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fyi - Building an XML-based message server

Hi all,

New articles from developerWorks and alphaWorks most popular technology.

Building an XML-based message server
This article shows how to code a lightweight, transport-protocol-agnostic,
XML-based message server that not only allows clients to place and pick up
messages on queues, but also transform messages using XSL. Written in the
Java language, eight code listings take you from opening a client
connection to invoking XSL transformations on messages.

XML Parser for Java

Wrapping up XM version 1
Developer and author Benoît Marchal adds final features to the first
release of XM, a low-cost open-source content management solution based on
XSLT (in Java). New features in this revision manage download pages and
tables of contents via a directory reader that makes use of SAX and

The editor takes as input a given DTD, and automatically builds a palette
containing the elements defined in the DTD. Users can thus
create/edit/expand any document derived from that DTD, by using a visual
tree-directed paradigm. The visual paradigm requires a minimum learning
curve as only valid constructs/elements are presented to the user in a
context-sensitive palette.