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Re: SV: [xml-dev] When to Validate XML?

> So you can use RDBMS triggers and rules to handle a lot of those checks
> that you otherwise would have to write in every application. Great. On
> the other hand, there are application specific rules, that cannot be
> implemented in the DB. (And yet, using e.g. Oracle and PL-SQL, you can
> create some very nifty rules and triggers...)
> I also agree a lot with the other statements, about using triggers and
> rules in the DB is the only way to ensure integrety on the DB level,
> which is especially important in e.g. a n-tier architecture, where the
> DB is accessed from many different applications.

Good point. Hence the question - what does schemaless persistence mean 
(as offered by most XML-DB vendors) for such applications? The whole 
idea of schemaless persistence is based on extensibility, 
semi-structuredness, etc. How do these vendors react to the question of 
DB-level validation?

> Hmmm. Any read the book "Business Component Factory" by Pter Herzum and
> Oliver Sims? It touches some of these issues from a CBD viewpoint.

I've read this. Which specific issues are you referring to?