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Re: [xml-dev] DOM or SAX: Sense and Sensibility

A very similar point:  many other inexperienced programmers
don't like to design data structures of any kind, and having
DOM provide a "generic data structure" design for them is
perceived as goodness.

Of course I still think SAX is usually better, but I'll leave
the "why" of that till later ... :)

- Dave

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From: "Michael Kay" <michael.h.kay@ntlworld.com>
To: "'Bullard, Claude L (Len)'" <clbullar@ingr.com>; "'Al Snell'" <alaric@alaric-snell.com>
Cc: <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 3:09 PM
Subject: RE: [xml-dev] DOM or SAX: Sense and Sensibility

> > I'm curious about this subject because
> > I keep seeing people who learn just the barebones,
> > get to DOM, then use it for everything.
> I think for many inexperienced programmers, the imperative navigational
> style, where their own program is in control and issues requests to other
> subsystems, is the only model they really feel comfortable with. It's a
> control thing, a perception that the job of the programmer is to tell the
> computer what to do next.
> Mike Kay