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Re: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

> I can see one difference and one similarity. The difference? You can normalise
> the information contained in xml:base elsewhere in the document without loss, but
> you cannot remove the xml:id attributes and know what attributes you were relying
> on to contain unique values. The similarity? When I create DTDs, I won't
> specifying an xml:base attribute for every element too. Does anyone?

xml:space maybe a better example, that can't be normalised and it is (or
should be according to xml) added to every dtd. Of course that has the
advantage of being there at the start (of xml, at least) so not a
change, but I think that the argument for xml:id is that that's the way
it would have been done (like xml:space) if it had been done at the


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