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Re: [xml-dev] DOM or SAX: Sense and Sensibility

Quoth "Gary Stephenson" <garys@ihug.com.au>
> Might it be because there is no official SAX spec? (is there?) 

http://sax.sourceforge.net/apidoc ... though I'm curious what else you
might be expecting.

>    Nor is there a
> conformance test suite (at least not one that I was able to find when I looked
> some months ago).

http://xmlconf.sourceforge.net/?selected=sax summarizes the guts there.

Basically, all the "output" tests work the standard ContentHandler callbacks,
with somewhat weak coverage of DTDHandler and minimal coverage of
interactions.  The stuff that's new in SAX2 (like namespaces) doesn't have
coverage. But it's a real stretch to say "no test suite"; that predated any
(publicly accessible) organized DOM conformance testing by a couple years.

That said, I'd certainly agree that more tests would be good.  They almost
always are.

- Dave