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Re: [xml-dev] Caught napping!

> I disagree. We need a modelling theory, that allows us to focus on the logical modelling first. Then we need methods to map this logical model to some kind of physical storage. Be it a rdbms, xml-enabled rdbms, hierachical db, oodb or a 'native xml store'.
> Without the logical modelling theory in place, we will never know whether the schema was sound and safe before we mapped it to physical storage. 

A very valid point. I don't see XML-DB proponents attempting to specify 
the logical data model, the role of schema in such a model, query and 
update semantics, what they mean, possible constraints (including 
integrity), types (such as numbers and dates) and so on. In the absence 
of such a logical framework, the problem seems 
ill-defined/under-specified to me.