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XML-DEV Mailing List (RE:Missing Posts, etc.)

To The XML-DEV Community:
Over the past few days, the OASIS Technology Services Group has been phasing 
in upgrades to xml-dev, including migrating the list to a dedicated server 
and enhancing backend processes.
With the help of list subscribers, we have identified two main problems 
resulting from the upgrade. The first was a latency bug, which has since been 
remedied. The second is a link integrity error caused by the re-indexing of 
the archive files. We are still a few days away from resolving this issue 
entirely. Rest assured, we are working hard to find the solution and to 
restore all documents to their canonical locations.
Let me emphasize that POSTS ARE NOT MISSING. Some were delayed, but none were 
OASIS is committed to providing xml-dev as a free service to the community. 
Your patience and input are very much appreciated. If you detect a problem 
with xml-dev, please notify me directly, and our staff will address your 
concerns immediately.
I will post a followup message to the list to let you know when all 
outstanding problems have been resolved.
Jeffrey Lomas
Manager of Technology Services, OASIS