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ANN: xlinkit 4.3 released

xlinkit is a technology for expressing constraints between multiple
heterogeneous, distributed documents and data sources, based on XML.
xlinkit evaluates constraints and produces XLink hyperlinks between
inconsistent elements. You can find out more about xlinkit at

xlinkit version 4.3 is now available for download at

This release features a plug-in architecture for defining new operators
dynamically in Javascript, allowing you to match even more heterogeneous
documents. Simple equality can become fuzzy equality or a regular
expression match, and entire subtree-equality can be checked in XML

An example that shows how this can be used to match Financial Products
Markup Language (FPML) trade data is included in the package. Grab it
while it's hot!

As always, we suggest that people who use older versions upgrade to the

Christian Nentwich