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Re: [xml-dev] ID-ness in XML

At 6:16 AM -0500 11/11/01, AndrewWatt2000@aol.com wrote:

Why do you assume that XSLT documents/stylesheets are "almost never" valid?

1. There's no official DTD/schema for XSLT.

2. I think maybe once I've seen a proof of concept of a valid XSLT 
stylesheet, probably on the xsl mailing list. All the other XSLT 
documents I've actually seen in the wild were invalid.

3. Since almost all practical, non-trivial XSLT style sheets 
routinely mix elements and attributes from three different 
vocabularies in very complicated ways, and since two of those 
vocabularies change from one style sheet to the next, it's virtually 
impossible to write a DTD that covers all XSLT style sheets.

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