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AW: [xml-dev] Browser-based XML Editor?

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> From: John.Brooking@NA.SAPPI.COM [mailto:John.Brooking@NA.SAPPI.COM]
> Sent: Friday, October 19, 2001 7:07 PM
> To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
> Subject: [xml-dev] Browser-based XML Editor?
> I'm looking for a web-enabled XML editor, so that my non-technical users
> modify the data through their browser. I'm envisioning some kind of
> like you get when you read an XML document into MSIE, but also with
> capabilities, not just read-only. (And also not limited to IE!) I've been
> searching the web, but the only XML editors I can find seem to be native
> client-side executables, not browser interfaces.

A year ago we did a proove-of-concept prototype for editing and creating XML
documents through a web browser. Based on a DTD a webpage with forms is
created that guides the user through the creation of a valid XML document.
In a step-by-step process he creates the document by specifying content for
elements, selecting values for attributes or adding elements. He is
restricted to actions that guarantee the validness of the resulting

Have a look at it on http://www.stillhard.net/webed/

XMLWebEditor is a serverside solution based on java servlets. The form data
from the browser is interpreted and processed to XML. With the information
about the grammer of the document from the DTD the XML is mapped to an
intermediate XML document. Through an XSL transformation this document is
transfomed to HTML, styled with CSS and sent back to the browser. It's
actually a good example of how easy you can get quite impressive results by
using the tools and standards provided by XML&Co...

Don't be mad at me if you get useless error messages from time to time. It's
a prototype and doesn't support the whole XML specification... Try the
example documents. They should work.