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Re: [xml-dev] Caught napping!

Dan Weinreb wrote:
>    From: Ronald Bourret <rpbourret@rpbourret.com>
>    1) The XML specification defines a serialization syntax. It does not
>    define what that syntax models. Thus, in a strict sense, my comment is
>    correct. However, depending on your view of the world, this may or may
>    not apply.
> I think that's true of the "XML spec" proper, but wouldn't you say
> that the "XML Info Set spec" does talk about what the syntax models,
> at least to some extent?

It does. So do SAX, DOM, XPath, XQuery... That's why I had point 2:

> 2) For many (most?) people, you are correct -- the native XML
> database models the data in the documents. In this case, the model
> of the document is a proxy for the objects used to model the data,
> just like tables and columns are a proxy for the objects in the
> relational model.

-- Ron